Moree Services Club

Who We Are

Moree Services Club originally started in 1947 soon after WWII grew to occupy the building that is now the Moree Tafe. In 1968 the Club moved to its present location and over the years has moved with the times and now the Club has in excess of 5000 members.

The facilities of the club are also improving and Board of Directors is always looking for ways to improve those facilities offered to members.

The club is really a member affair as no person living within 25 kilometres of the club with out Board approval. (This is a point that you should remember, to avoid awkwardness if you bring a guest that cannot show that the live outside this area.)
Generally the members are able to enjoy a wide variety of sports within the club that range from bowls to touch football, for the over 30s a mixed, to fishing and darts and the list goes on. This is supplemented by weekly meat and produce raffles, member’s draws and entertainment.

Details of the entertainment and the sporting groups as well as their contact numbers are available at the Office or on this website.

The Club, as it has grown, has become to be known as the place in Moree to enjoy yourself without problems or hostility. There are, of course, times when the behavior of other members or visitors do not meet the clubs standard and these people are dealt with by the Board of Directors. If you find that you are in the position of having unacceptable behavior near you then please report it to the duty manager and they will rectify the situation. If you become involved then you may be asked to leave and explain to the Directors.

But enough of the dos and don’ts the club is here for the benefits of the members and if the management or staff can help you then please ask.