Board Members

The board of directors makes club policies and governs the club.  The board’s specific duties and responsibilities as an example but not inclusive are:

    • Establishing general operation policies
    • Overseeing the financial stability of the club
    • Approving its operating budget
    • Voting on new member candidates
    • Handling member discipline
    • It is the responsibility of the board to hire, evaluate and give overall directions to the general manager.
    • It is the duty of the board to develop policy, and it is the duty of the management to implement the policies.

Current Board Members of the Moree Services Club are:

    • Chairman – Gary Maidens
    • Senior Deputy Chairman – Malcolm Smith
    • Vice Deputy Chairman – David McMahon
    • Treasurer – Mark Cahill
    • Director – Tony Dean
    • Director – Michael Ivanov
    • Director – Kathyrn Weston